Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A time to weep

Mum passed away on Valentine's day
but then she was always a sweetheart
and now I have to let her go


iNdi@na said...

am so sorry for your loss, sad also that i have to send you these condolences publicly [having mislaid your email address]. my apologies for that

Patricia said...

They say that a mother's heart is her child walking around outside her body...I know that your Valentine's days in the future will be bitter sweet. I am glad that you had her in your life for such a long time.So sorry.

twisted sister said...

India - Thanks for the kind words (will send you my email via your web page)
Patricia - that is a lovely image -I think I like bittersweet. Thanks again for your kind words.

Kryssie Francis said...

Sorry to learn this, a time to weep indeed, big hugs xxx new e mail

T said...

Such a sad loss

I send my condolences to you and yours, and hope that this sad time is full of wonderful memories of your mum. Big Hugs


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